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Brady Weighs Fixes to Tax Extenders Package

January 7, 2016 

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Wednesday raised the possibility of drafting a bill to fix flaws in the newly enacted permanent tax break extension package, including a Democratic proposal to expand a solar energy sweetener to other types of renewable energy.

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35% State Tax Rebate Bill in the Virginia General Assembly

January 19,2016

The Virginia Ground Source Heat Pump Association reports that the 2016 Session of the Virginia General Assembly has a Bill in the House Finance Committee to allow a 35% tax credit for Virginians who install geothermal systems.

This bill has been sponsored by Delegate Richard “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. (D) representing the Virginia House District 48 in Arlington, VA. It is in the House Finance Committee right now, and the chairman of this committee is Delegate R. Lee Ware (R) House District 65 Powhatan, VA. 

HB 480 Renewable energy property … tax credit for placing into service.  

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Please review the list of all committee members (see link below) and if you know any on that committee, or if you live in one of the House Districts they serve, call their office today and send an email too. Explain how much geothermal benefits your community, mention the growing number of jobs geothermal has created for your area.

When you make the call  please stick with a set of talking points, be brief. 
 Here are the suggested talking points:

1) State who you are and why you are calling (to Support HB 480)
2) Geothermal installations has opened up many new jobs in Virginia
3) Geothermal users are saving thousands in energy cost each year through green renewable technology.
4) Mention that in Virginia our military has a very strong demand for geothermal with geothermal installations throughout the state. Many new public schools and municipal buildings are also installing geothermal systems.

If you have never done this before do not be shy! Remember these folks may have called your home at dinner-time to ask you for your vote. They say and many of our delegates actually do want to hear from their constituents. Don’t wait … the window is short to voice your support …So call today!  

Click Here for a website offered by Virginia to help you determine which House District you live or work in:

Click Here for a list of all committee members their Richmond office phone and their official email address.

South Carolina Approves 25% Geothermal Tax Credit

March 21, 2016 

H3874 provides an income tax credit to any individual or business installing geothermal.
This is the model we hope Virginia will copy in the very near future. Congratulations to the South Carolina Legislators and Governor who worked hard and smart for their citizens. 

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Federal Tax Credit Receives New Support

June 2016
Washington DC

On the Federal level, two bills were introduced on May 6th 2016 to correct the omission of our 35% Tax Credit in the omnibus legislation passed last December.

They are HR.5167 & HR.5172, respectively.

Both bills have been introduced by Republicans and have bi-partisan co-sponsors. Serious action on these bills are not expected until fall 2016.
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contractors, manufacturers, engineers, utilities, educators and others dedicated to the promotion and growth of Virginia’s Geothermal heating and cooling industry
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Tax Extenders Bill Includes Geothermal Tax Credit

January 2018
Washington DC

2017 has been a year full of geothermal industry efforts to regain parody with wind & solar and reclaim its place in the renewable energy tax credit laws - 48D (Commercial) & 25C (Residential)

VGHPA Executive Director, Richard Lay, joined the leadership of GeoExchange (our national assoc) and upper management of WaterFurnace, ClimateMaster & Enertech Global in eight separate day long trips to the hill to meet with over 100 Senators, House Members and their staff. 

Success and failure seemed to fight each other as the year rolled on but as of this writing there is new hope!

Senator Orin Hatch ( R- Utah) has introduced the 2017-18 Tax Extenders Bill, S-2256, and the looming Omnibus Legislation due by Jan 19th 2018 is pegged as the vehicle to carry the day. 

As we again descend on Washington Wednesday January 10th to try and secure our tax credit hopes are high and fingers are crossed.