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On Friday it was on to Capitol Hill for a scheduled meeting with Virginia Senator Kaine's legislative assistant, Nick Barbash, to voice our concern over being left off the ITC extension which was granted to wind and solar industries in the December Omnibus ​legislation. We specifically asked for Senator Kaine's assistance in getting parody with the other renewable energy industries.

Then on to Senator Warner D-Va, Mitch McConnell, majority leader R-Ky and finally Nancy Pelosi, democratic leader D-Ca. Firm support for the goals of VGSHPA and the geothermal industry are voiced by all ... but the question remains ... will support become a tangible benefit for our citizens.  

More to come ...
February 27th 2016
by Richard Lay / VGSHPA Director

It was a busy end of the week starting with the monthly meeting of the NVRC ( Northern Virginia Regional Commission ) on Thursday evening February 25th. VGSHPA's regional goals include: 
  • getting the same support that the solar industry enjoys by replicating the commission's "Solarize" program currently running in many local areas ...Vienna, Alexandria, Falls Church etc.
  • implementation of the "Pace" program which allows the geothermal loop field to be financed at a low rate with payments tied to the county's property tax bill.
February 22nd - 23rd 2016
by Wesley Wolfe  /  Well Drilling Solutions

The NGWA sponsored a ground water fly in to Capitol Hill. The turnout was 
great as members from all over the country showed up to show their support. 
My company was there representing our service area. 

Ground Source Heat pumps were at the top of our list. We attended many meetings with Senators and their aids to go over our concerns of geothermal being left out of the Omnibus bill. Much to my surprise they were aware of this issue and are working on several strategies to get it pushed back into the renewable energy tax credit status. 

Of course this is all based upon support not only from the industry leaders but the consumer as well. This tax credit will influence both residential and commercial GHP installs. Flyers outlining all the benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps were attached to every presentation that I was involved in. We stressed to everyone how geothermal is the best renewable energy for the dollar. We asked everyone to “just put us on an even playing field with solar and wind and let the consumer decide on which is best for them”.

Also another topic I constantly brought up was, geothermal is left in the dark as we don’t have that sexy appeal. Nobody sees geothermal, it is under the ground with grass, trees, and etc., growing over top of it. People walk by geothermal homes and buildings every day and haven’t the slightest idea that its even there. Without the word going around, geothermal gets left behind. 

This was my second trip to capitol hill in the past 7 months. Planning to go again prior to April vote and then again as well prior to the July vote. I am in constant contact with the people I met on the hill and will pass along any updates to VGSHPA as I receive them.

​Discussions included the strategy for the upcoming 2017 session, the New S.C. Law H-3874 and our hope to emulate it in VA ( see attached story - *Link to S.C. story here please).

Rip leads the fight for adoption of renewable energy in Virginia and deserves our support.
May 1st 2016
by Richard Lay / VGSHPA Director

April’s highlights included a meeting at the Arlington offices of State Delegate ‘Rip’ Sullivan D- 48th District and his Legislative Assistant Matt Weinstein.
Delegate Sullivan patroned HB-480 during the 2016 session that would have given a $3,500.00 tax credit for Virginia citizens installing a geothermal system in their home or business if it had been approved.

Rip is a strong advocate for our technology (his brother in law has a geothermal system in his VA home)
June 30th 2016
by Richard Lay / VGSHPA Director

Good news, its heating up in more ways than just the temperature.

The Board of the Virginia Ground Source Heat Pump Association traveled to Richmond on Thursday the 9th to finalize the selection of our lobbyist for the 2017 legislative effort. We welcome to our team, May Fox and Thomas Lisk of the firm Eckert Seamans attorneys at law, to spearhead our lobbying efforts.

Our goal is large but attainable ...

VGSHPA will push forward to copy South Carolina's 25% tax credit legislation passed into law this last spring ( SC H-3874 ). South Carolina has a similar Republican majority in their house as does Virginia, a split Senate and a Republican Governor. The bill passed the House and Senate with an overwhelming majority and was signed into law by the Governor.

While the South Carolina bill does give the 25% to several Super Fund sites for Solar it is basically a stand alone Geothermal GSHP Tax Credit and does not include other renewables in its coverage.
* See the March 21st article for details 
July 22nd 2016
by J. Paul DeBoeck / VGSHPA Director                                            

State Tax Credit Legislation - Roll Out Meetings            

The Roll Out meetings this month in Northern Virginia, Norfolk, Richmond and Roanoke proved to be a tremendous success. With almost 50 in attendance we were able to present our plan to lobby the Senate and the House for support of a stand alone Geothermal Tax Credit for Virginia homeowners. 

One of the most important strategies will be to identify an installed geothermal client in each of the 26 Virginia Delegate's districts and set up a geothermal site field trip for the Delegate to meet with their constituent homeowner, dealer, installer, driller etc. This type meeting proved to be most successful in getting the South Carolina Tax Credit Bill passed.

We are providing our lobbyists with as much ammunition as possible for them to accomplish their part as well. So far their meetings and contacts appear to be stimulating the interest of key players needed to make our campaign for the tax credit a success. 

Thanks to all of you who attended and have shown your support. We need all the help we can muster so please pass the word - help grow our membership and financial support - let's get the Tax Credit Bill passed this time around.


September 18th, 2016
from The Board of Directors / VGSHPA                                            

Letter - Phone - Email  Drive to Virginia Legislators in Full Swing 

Now is the time to act to make a difference !

If you have not already done so ... please take a minute right now and contact your Virginia Delegate and Senator to voice your support for the proposed 25% Geo Tax Credit Bill.

Features of the Bill include: A 25% tax credit on the total cost of an installed Geothermal GSHP system
Limited to a credit of $2500 annually
The annual credit cannot exceed 50% of the person’s taxable liability that year
The credit can be carried forward for a maximum of 10 years or until the entire 25% credit has been used 

Imagine what this Bill would do for our industry let alone the citizens of Virginia. This Bill would create over a thousand jobs ... that's over 80 million in income to the state every year. Plus it adds energy security for all of us.

There is no other improvement that could be made to a home or business that would save more money and offer so many benefits. 

Voice Your Support for the Pending Tax Credit Legislation

Make your district legislators aware of your support
"Become part of our success"
A professional consortium of ...

contractors, manufacturers, engineers, utilities, educators and others dedicated to the promotion and growth of Virginia’s Geothermal heating and cooling industry
For the most up-to-date initiative information click on or go to
December 2017
from The Board of Directors / VGHPA                                          

2017 Year End Review    

To say that 2017 has been a year of challenges in Virginia and National politics seems possibly to be the understatement of the New Century.

​The year started with great hope in Virginia as two bills were introduced ... one in the house by Del. Timothy Hugo (R-40th District) HB-1891 and a companion bill in the Senate introduced by Senator Frank Wagner (R-7th District) SB-1392.

Unfortunately budget deficits derailed both efforts. But now with a balanced budget and significant gains by democrats in the house there is renewed hope that success in Virginia may just be a matter of time.

As the 2018 session starts Del. Rip Sullivan (D-48th District) fresh off his substantial victories as the 2017 House Democratic Caucus Campaign chair, at least 15 seats to date) has introduced HB-54 a 35% tax credit for all renewables including geothermal.

Please join us in supporting Rip's efforts as he is a very strong advocate for our industry. His brother in law even has a geothermal system in his home and reports of course that he "loves it".

See you in Richmond Rip - everyone please email your representative, your voice & your vote count
January 2019
from The Board of Directors / VGHPA                                          

Meeting with our supporters    

Our Executive Director, Richard Lay, recently met with 
Delegate Mark Keam of the 35th district to discuss issues 
important to our growing our industry.

Delegate Keam wants all to know he is a big supporter of 
Renewable Energy and especially Geothermal Heat Pumps.

Thank you Delegate Keam !​